chip shop challenge

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where can you buy the best chips locally?


money for several portions of chips, plates, paper and pen


Identify where you can buy chips locally.
The scouts go in patrols to buy a couple of portions from each shop, making sure there are enough for everyone to try each type. It is best to get them without salt or vinegar.
Bring them all back to the hut and serve on plates, marking each plate with a letter so the tasting is anonymous. Give marks for various criteria e.g. portion size, cost, appearance, waiting time, temperature, taste. A show of hands is the easiest way to vote.
After the event we present the winning takeaway with a certificate

Can be adapted for other sections by increasing supervision when buying the chips, or even have an adult bring them to the meeting for beavers


  • chips
  • community
  • exploring the local area
  • local

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