Beaver Behaviour Code

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To encourage good behaviour.
To lay basic ground rules that the children own themselves. (Teamwork Challenge- Log Chew)


lining paper, behavior words written on them i.e. listen, stop, instructions.
Acceptable and unacceptable behavior written on the silhouette of lodge leader.
Colour pen for their lodges


Part 1- 10 mins
In lodges the beavers are to draw around the lodge leader then choose a few behavior related words and write them around the silhouette.
Allow the Beavers to each choose a couple of good or bad behaviors then write them on with their lodge coloured pen.

Part 2- 10 mins
once everyone is done each lodge is to sit and discuss their acceptable and unacceptable behavior codes.
Each lodge is to decide on what their end of term treat will be if they can stick to their own behavior codes.


  • behaviour
  • log Chew
  • teamwork

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