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Beaver Behaviour Code

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To encourage good behaviour.
To lay basic ground rules that the children own themselves. (Teamwork Challenge- Log Chew)
To use a fun activity to reinforce.


Postcard size pieces of card with associated behaviour words written on them i.e. listen, stop, instructions.
Acceptable and unacceptable behaviours written on paper.
A blank poster of required size on which to glue on 'acceptable behaviours'.


Part 1- 10 mins
Choose a few behaviour related words and write them on postcard size pieces of card eg listen, instructions, stop.
Allow the Beavers to each choose a card and come up with a rule using the word.

Part 2- 10 mins
Using the words / rules from last week leaders come up with some acceptable and unacceptable behaviour statements.
As each one is read out, have the children run to an 'acceptable / unacceptable bahaviour' wall.
When all the cards have been read out, take all the acceptable behaviour cards and put them onto a Beaver Behaviour Code which reads 'At Beavers we...'


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