Plant growth

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This activity develops a Beaver Scout’s understanding of the natural world by teaching them what is needed for plant growth.


A packet of seeds, a watering can, a torch, a plant pot and a trowel


1. Arrange the Beaver Scouts in teams or Lodges.
2. Lay out a variety of items in front of each team, including a packet of seeds, a watering can, a torch, a plant pot and a trowel.
3. The first Beaver Scout has to run and grab the item closest to them before returning to their team. The second Beaver Scout has to collect the second item, and so on until all of the objects have been collected.
4. At the end of the race each team has to decide which objects are necessary for growing a plant. Which are helpful and which are useless?

Do more
Discuss with the Beavers: Does your plant need full sunlight, shade or a mixture of both? What do we do if the plant does not get any rain? Do we need to protect them from other pests? Plant the seeds somewhere!
There are also opportunities for thanksgiving eg for food, nature or shelter. Growing something of their own is also meaningful for a harvest thanksgiving. You could also extend this to meetings about healthy eating or visits to gardens or parks.

Taken from Rise to the Challenge. Exploring Spiritual Development in Scouting


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