Fire Extinguisher recognition

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Let the Scouts have the opportunity to look at different types of extinguisher and then say what type of fire they should be used on


4 main types of extinguisher (Water, Foam, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Powder) plus a fire blanket


Give the Scouts a talk through the types of fire extinguisher. What they look like and how they work.

Leave the four extinguishers in the middle of the room and ask the Scouts to stand behind the extinguisher they think they would use to put out each fire (call out things like electrical, petrol, cooking oil, paper, wood, fabric, paraffin)

Edited improvements (Mike Eastgate, 2nd Bollington Scouts)
Use the attached document which describes the 4 extinguishers plus fire blanket. Select 5 scouts and have each present one of them.
NOTE - First three pictures - Ask Scouts what is common for these three - write all their answers on a board, and then lead into how to call 999.

Then run a game at the end of the evening. Mark each of the four walls of the scout hut as red/cream/blue/black.
Call out one of the four extinguisher types (Water, Carbon Dioxide, Powder, Foam)
Last to touch the correct wall is out.
Then increase difficulty by choosing two extinguishers at a time.



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