Pizza Review

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An activity to aid programme planning and review.


Coloured paper
Felt tip pens
Large paper 'pizzas'
Pre-cut 'toppings' of different shapes


Split into Lodges, each with a paper pizza, lots of toppings and a pen for each person. Each topping represents a different aspect of the section. For example you could use Pepperoni as it is Hot so this is things that are liked about the section. Olives are disliked so that's things that they would like change and Pineapple are things they would like to add (new programme ideas etc). Toppings can be adapted and changed to suit your group.

Lodges should discuss the toppings together and then write their answers on them and add them to their group pizza. It will be helpful to have a leader or young leader with each group to stimulate discussion.

Once each group has had time to make their paper pizza they can feedback to the whole Colony, perhaps asking each group to choose their top answer for each topping.

Leaders can then use this information when planning the programme

Taken from Programmes Online


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