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Snowman relay race. Make a snowman. Snowball fight


Newspaper. Hat, gloves, scarf, white t-shirt, conical cardboard nose on elastic, 3 large cardboard buttons, 2 cardboard eyes, large white bin liner (preferably with drawstring) for each lodge.


SNOWMAN RELAY RACE: Each lodge has one person at one end of the hall, the rest line up behind each other at the other end. Give each lodge member in the line one article in this order: White t-shirt, scarf,conical nose, hat, gloves, buttons. Lodge members run to the other end one at a time and transfer their article to the snowman and run back, releasing the next person in line. When the last person has finished dressing the snowman they both run back and the first lodge to be seated wins.

MAKE A SNOWMAN: Each lodge has newspaper to make snowballs, then they stuff them in to the bin liner and tie the drawstring. Turn the bin liner upside down and decorate with scarf (pulling tight to make a head) nose, hat eyes and buttons.

SNOWBALL FIGHT: Give each lodge an area to defend and share out snowballs. On 'GO' they start to throw their snowballs at the other lodges, on 'STOP' the lodge with the least snowballs in their area is the winner.


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