Can you make a Lego Man Fly?

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Using the experiment badge as a format, we look at what material makes the best parachutes


- Lego Men / small toy figures
- Small squares of various materials e.g. cotton, nylon (old tents do the job), foil, paper, with four hole at each corner
- String or cotton
- Experiment sheets
- Pencils/ Pens
- Stop watch or timer


- Start completing the questions on the experiment worksheet as you introduce the activity
- Give each member a Lego Man and attach four pieces of cotton or string; two to each underarm
- Ask the members, in a base type fashion to try each material type buy attaching one string to each of the holes in the experiment materials.
- Either get the members to stand on a chair and drop the, now parachuted, Lego man and time them if possible. or ask them to throw them upwards and see if the 'chute opens and allows the Lego man to safely 'float' to the floor.
- The nylon closest matches proper parachute material, and so should 'float' the best!


  • experiement
  • flight
  • gravity
  • parachutes

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