Marble Mazes

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Making marble mazes and challenging each other to complete someone elses


- One shoe box or cereal box each
- Lolli Pop Craft Stickes or straws
- Glue Gun or PVA glue
- Glue Stick
- Craft Paper
- Blue Tak
- Marbles
- Pencils/ pens


- If cereal boxes have been brought, cut them in half long ways to create a tray type section. Take the lid off the shoe boxes.
- Cover the base of the maze with craft paper using the glue stick
- Draw a maze plan to the base of the box
- Use the blue tak to place the straws or lollipop sticks to the plan to try is out
- Glue the lollipop sticks or straws to the maze plan replacing the blue tak; don't forget a safety session on the glue gun if using.
- Have a got at your marble maze and challenge others to have a go at yours too!


  • challenge
  • construction
  • create
  • marble
  • maze
  • Problem solving

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