Food Storage Relay

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Scout Patrol relay placing "shopping" into the correct storage area


shopping bag, shopping - could be real or photos, names of food storage areas - one set per patrol


Team relay:
First person runs takes an item from the shopping bag, runs to end and places item in a food storage area; fridge, cooler box, shelf in dark area. They then return to the back of their patrol.
Second person has the choice to either take a new item from the shopping bag & place it OR move the food first item to a different storage area.
Contnues until all items are placed and the patrol are happy with the placing of each item.
A leader checks which storage area the items have been placed in, if any are incorrect the leader indicates to the patrol how many (NOT which) items are incorrectly placed and the patrol must continue.
Game ends when one patrol have correctly placed all items.
Then a discussion on:
- where the items should be kept and why,
- whether some food stuffs could be kept in different areas,
- how different camps might affect where food is kept, eg greenfield camps, staying indoors, lightweight expeditions.


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  • food safety
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