Water bases

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A bases activity that helps Cubs to think about water poverty and having to "earn" the water they use each day


10 buckets of water
5 challenges (water related?)
chance cards


We split the cubs up into 5 teams of three. (However, I would say that 3 is the maximum number you would want in a team, so you will need more than 5 bases if you have more than 15 cubs). The theme was linked to water shortages and access to clean water. Each team had a bucket, with some water in - the same amount in each bucket. They had to go around the 5 bases and try to 'win' as much water as they could. Of course, the bucket got heavier and heavier as the game progresses. Now, our bases weren't really linked to water shortages, but you could quite easily think of water related bases. our bases were: a general knowledge quiz, match the country names to their flags, match the map symbols to their names, build a tower out of jenga blocks and a sort of egg and spoon race (but with a small plastic ball - there was enough mess to clear up with spilled water!!!) Depending on how well they did, they could win up to 5 cups of water for each base. They then had the choice to 'gamble' with a chance card. These were more water shortage/access related, with things like: a charity installs a well - win 3 cups or severe drought - lose 4 cups. There was an equal chance of getting a lose or a win card The only problem was a few water spillages from when they were carrying their buckets and around the buckets where hey would collect or lose their water from, so we needed to keep mopping up spills so nobody slipped over


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