Traffic Lights!

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A noisy game which requires observational skills.


Three large card circles - red, amber and green.
Whistle (Optional).


1. The Beaver Scouts scatter around the play area.
2. The leader stands in a central position and shows the three cards, reminding the Beaver Scouts of what the colours mean on a set of traffic lights.
3. When the green card is shown Beaver Scouts decide what kind of vehicle they are and dash about making suitable noises (avoiding crashes). When amber is shown they slow down to prepare to stop, when red and green are shown together they 'rev' their engines and when red is shown they stop.
4. The leader at first signals the change by calling out the colour or blowing a whistle. As the game progresses the leader only shows the cards and Beaver Scouts look out for other 'vehicles' and changes og lights.


  • game
  • green cross
  • green cross code
  • noisy
  • observational
  • traffic

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