Disc Golf

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Team-based game of disc golf that can be set up in a suitable location


1 per hole - Hoops or rope circles with pegs to hold them down
2 per hole - Pegs with hole number attached (one for the tee, one for the hole)
Flying Discs


For Beavers, it might be best to choose a fairly open and flat parkland. To increase the difficulty, choose a location with natural hazards, such as slopes or trees and bushes that holes can be hidden behind.

Set up:
Lay out the course, adjusting the length and difficulty to suit the age range of the teams. Try to create enough holes so that all the teams can be out on the course at the same time without having to wait too much. The course should begin and end in the same area. Place the tee peg where you want the first throw to be taken from and peg down the hoop or rope to form the hole (the pegs will ensure the hole stays in the same place).

Playing the game:
Split the group up into teams (Sixes, Patrols etc.) and give each team a flying disc, a scoresheet and a starting hole number. Leave a gap of at least one hole between each team.

The objective is to get the disc into the hole in as few throws as possible. A disc is considered to be in the hole if at least half of it is inside the hoop.

The team should decide the throwing order for each hole, making sure that everyone gets a fair share of throws across the whole course. The first throw is taken from the tee peg and each subsequent throw is taken from where the disc comes to rest.

The number of throws taken to get the disc into the hole is recorded on the scoresheet.

Once all teams have played each hole, total up the scores and the team with the lowest score wins.

For a warm up, you could get each team to work out their strengths. I.e. who is best for straight long distance throws, short accurate throws (putting) etc.


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