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Rather like Football but played with the hands.


Large football/Softball


Two goals about 8 feet wide. Sides to suit occasion, but six (goalie, two backs and three forwards) has found to be successful. There are no corners or offside. Ball may only be played with one hand at a time, except by goalie, who can stop or fist out with two, but must not hold. Any other means of propelling or stopping the ball e.g. feet, are forbidden. No obstructing opponents, or holding the ball in any way. Ball may not be sent more than waist high in the air (saves glazier or electrical bill). Instead of 'kick off.' the ball is placed in the centre , and the teams line up on own goal-lines, and see who can get there first when the whistle blows. This can be a very strenuous game, and five minutes each way will generally be found quite long enough.


  • team game
  • team work

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