Dodge Ball

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Dodge Ball using the rules from the 2004 film


Rubber Dodge Balls, Playing area outline (ropes/chalk/tape/existing court lines)


Split the group into teams of 5 (depending on the size of the court)

Now create a court using materials. An example of what the court should resemble (approximately) is attached.

Balls are lined up in the middle of the 'court' and players on each team stand against the back line until the initial whistle. They then run towards the balls and pick up what they can before retreating beyond the throwing line.

Players then throw the balls at each other. The aim is not to be hit.

Players are out when:

- They are hit by the ball on the full (before hitting a wall, ceiling etc) and the ball then falls to the ground.
- An opposing player catches a ball thrown at them before it hits the ground.
- They drop a ball they attempted to catch.
- A player steps off the court

If player catches a ball, not only is the person that threw it out, but a player from the catcher's team may rejoin the contest.

Once a ball hits the ground, players can pick up dead balls and throw them back at the other team. Players are allowed to leave the confines of the court to gather balls that have rolled out of bounds, but cannot throw the ball until they are back inside the court.

Balls can hit anywhere below the neck and shoulder area.


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