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Emergency Actions Discussion for Outdoor Challenge Badge




1st Benson Scout Group - Outdoor Challenge Badge
1. What are the initial actions you would take in the event of the following:
a) During a camp exercise, one of the scouts hits his finger with an axe and there is a deep gash which is bleeding badly
b) During a group camp, one of the Beavers trips over a log and falls over, putting his hand in the campfire. You are the only one with him in that area, what do you do?
c) You are cooking a bowl of stew over the alter fire and lift it off to put more wood on the fire. As you do so, you tip the whole pan of near-boiling stew over your trousers and shoes.
d) Your only leader with you on a camp collapses after eating an apple. He has a bright red face and is clutching his throat.

2. Understand the importance of getting adult help and when to call the emergency services.
a) Under what circumstances would you need to call for adult help at a camp?
b) In what situation would you call the emergency services and how would you do it:
1. When at a camp?
2. When in the hut?
3. When on a hike?

3. How do you treat the following?
a) minor cuts
b) burns and scalds
c) stings and insect bites.


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