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Sense training- Snipers


Water pistol for each team, blindfolds.


Sense Training – Snipers
Divide the Cubs into relay teams. A leader is chosen from each team. The leader sits 6 paces away, facing a team (not their own). These Cubs are the snipers. They are blindfolded, and armed with loaded water pistols. On “go” the first Cub in each team begins to crawl silently forward. They attempt to reach a safety line (3 paces behind the sniper). If snipers hear a sound they shoot. If they shoot wildly and too often they will exhaust their water supply before all the enemy has had a turn to crawl past. When the first Cub is hit (they retire behind the safety line) or they have reached safety, then the next Cub Scout starts and so on. Water pistol for each team, blindfolds.


  • senses game blindfolded

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