Pack Leadership

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Cubs divide into groups to hold a forum on the role of Sixers with in the Pack, supporting Sixers/Seconders.


Paper & pens to make notes


Start with a game: Mirror Image. in pairs Cubs sit and face each other, one copies the simple actions of the other (hand gestures, facial expressions) as if looking into a mirror. Swap over. Was it easy/hard? Did you enjoy leading the actions or copying them?

Split the Pack appropriately; Sixers, Seconders and older Cubs in one group, younger Cubs in another group (if you have a large Pack you may like to split into further groups).

Older group to discuss what they think they should be doing as Sixers and leadership skills (what makes a good leader).
Younger group to discuss what they would like their Sixers to do/expectations of their Sixer.
Leader/Young Leader or Cub with each group to make notes.

Then come together after the discussion to feedback to the Pack, making simple Pack guidelines for the Sixers

You could make the activity as long or short as suites your Pack.


  • attitude
  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • community
  • Discussion
  • forum
  • Help others

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