Mothers Day Planter

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Peg Plant Pot


Tuna tin (ensure it is thoroughly washed out and label removed), Wooden pegs (20 per planter) can use plastic for a splash of colour or decorate the wooden pegs, Red coloured Cardboard, PVA glue, Soil, Flower/plant/herb seeds or bulbs, and scissors


Step 1: Prepping the tin

Place the pegs around the edge of the tin (Take care that there are no sharp edges on the tin)

Step 2: Planting

Place some soil into the base of the tin (1 - 1.5 centimetres deep)
Place the flower/plant seeds or bulbs into the soil and cover with more soil.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Cut out some heart shapes from the red cardboard and decorate the pegs (Try cutting out big and small hearts to create different looks)

Step 4: Maintenance

Water and enjoy watching your flower/plant/herbs grow (Don't water to much...soil should be damp and soaking)


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