Seasons Tree

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Tree booklet showing the different seasons


tree template
coloured card or paper
glue / scissors / pens
sticky flowers / leaves / snowflakes
books about the different seasons and festivals / celebrations / saints


cut out 4 tree shapes (2 x green and 2 x blue)
Use green for spring and summer / blue for autumn and winter
Cut out tree trunks in brown - just trunks for spring and summer, trunks with branches for autumn and winter. Stick on
use sticky flowers / leaves and snowflakes to decorate trees
use books to find out facts about each season and write them onto the trees
stick the pages together to make a book

Each week do a different season. 4 sessions - 1st session will be longer - or make it 5 sessions


  • autumn
  • seasons
  • spring
  • Summer
  • winter

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