Emergency Aid Stage 3 - When and How to Contact the Emergency Services

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A session to help teach Scouts how to contact and pass on information to the emergency services.


Session Notes on calling the emergency services (POL 14596a 070207.pdf Source: The Scout Association)
Scenarios for calling the emergency services (POL 14596 090207.pdf Source: The Scout Association)
Sample phone call (POL 14596b 070207.pdf Source: The Scout Association)
Memory relay games for calling the emergency service (POL 14596c 070207.pdf Source: The Scout Association)


The sessions should include a variety of methods to reinforce the learning and these can be used at other times in the programme as a refresher - There are four components:
1. Session notes
2. A sample telephone call to the emergency services
3. Three scenarios
4. Memory relay games


  • emergency aid stage 3
  • emergency services
  • emergency services stage2

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