Personal Challenge

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Identifying one personal challenge


Personal Challenge Award worksheets (file attached)


Instructions (five minutes)
Get scouts to pair off (or in threes) with someone they know well.

They should read the badge requirements carefully. Then discuss with their partner(s) what challenges they could do.

Scout one (ten minutes)

Scout two (ten minutes). Leader to tell them to swap over at this point.

Feedback (five minutes)
Bring the troop back together and ask them how that went and one thing they would like to share.

Leaders to check forms, suggest edits, agree them, take a copy and empower scouts to take ownership of the challenge.

Leaders to suggest the other challenged, either now or at a later date.

For cubs, leaders to work with small groups to discuss challenges then cubs to complete a slip to take home as a reminder. Leader to keep a summary sheet for all the cubs. Both sheets attached.


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