Making Mother's Day Gift of Bath Salts

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Using epsom salts to fill jam jars, add food colouring and scent, and decorate.


Jam jar per child (smallish size unless you have lots of salt!)
Epsom Salts - Recommend about 5kg for 24 jars
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Just add the salt to each child's jar, discuss the effects of the different colours of food colour and mix and match as needed. I would only just a couple of drops to start with and add as necessary. Add scent if wished. I used Rose Water essence but anything is good. You could also add glitter if you wanted. The children can then decorate as they wish.

You could run this activity over a couple of weeks and have jar painting if you have the equipment/space to store.#

Our boys absolutely loved this activity.


  • epsom salts
  • food colouring
  • Gift
  • Jam jars

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