Ship In Fog

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Follow a route as a passenger ship lost in the fog, your HQ is in dangerous waters!
A game of communication for all sections.

Taken from the website


Scouts in groups of at least 4 (5 - 8 are best)
Blindfold - necker
some obstacles, chairs, tables etc.


It's a foggy night at the sea, a passenger boat must reach safe harbour.

Form a team of scouts, that makes a boat. The captain is at the back overlooking the passengers and the engineer at the front who is blindfolded.
Each scout is holding the one infront from the shoulder.
Being quiet to help the captain call the instructions to the blindfolded engineer will take the boat across a sea (room) or dangerous waters (obstacles) to safe harbour (the other end of the room)
Every time a passenger makes a noise or talks is throun overboard.
Once the boat reaches harbour they must go back and collect the passengers and take them back on land.

The first boat that makes it safe with all it's passengers is the winner.

Attached is a PDF that explains the game in infographic detail.


  • Captain
  • fog
  • obstacle course
  • ship

Badge Links

  • Teamwork - Team-building