Scrabble Wide Game

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Competition to find scrabble letters and get points by making words.


Scrabble letters (possibly two sets - depending on number of participants)
Something to make a "home base" for each team - a hoop or table



Put 1 scrabble letter in each bag and thread some form of hanger (e.g. string or cable ties) through a hole in the bag.
Hang the bags from trees or scatter them across the playing area.
Arrange a "home base" for each team (e.g. a table or hoop on the floor).

The players are split into teams (we use Sixes/Patrols).
1 team starts out as the "catchers", all the other teams are "spellers".

The spellers have to collect the letters and bring them back to their home base. Each member of the team can only collect 1 letter at a time. They must collect a letter and deposit it into the home base before going back to collect another letter. They can choose to "make a word" at any point. When they make a word they must bring the letters for the word to a leader who will give them points on the basis of the scoring system below.

The catchers chase the spellers. If they catch a speller, the speller must hand over the letter they are carrying, if they are carrying one. The catchers can only carry one letter at a time. Once they have caught a letter from a speller, they must bring it back to the leaders. The catchers get points for the letters that they steal.

Each team takes a turn at being the catchers. A stopwatch and a whistle is useful for controlling the change over.

When the change over whistle is blown all teams return to their home base.

All letters are returned to the playing area on change over (or during the game once they are used in a word).


Each word scores its face scrabble value plus:

1,2,3 letter words: + 0
5 letter words: + 5
6 letter words: + 10
7 letter words: + 20
8 letter words: + 30
over 8 letters: + 50

Any unused letters in the home base at change over score 1 point each.

Words must be spelt correctly :-)

Catcher letters score their scrabble value.


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