Ordering the planets

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Putting cut outs of the planets into the correct order against the clock, or against other lodges


Four sets of cardboard planets, labelled. A mnemonic for the planets.


Get the kids into their lodges. See if they can remember the names of the planets. Explain that they must put the planets into order. Tell them where to pretend the sun is so they know which way round to put them. Alternatively create a sun in the centre of the room from a yellow cloth or similar. Give each lodge a set of planets, muddled up. Start the timer. A few minutes will be fine. Have a look together at how they did. Teach them a mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. A good one is My Vicious Earthworm Might Just Swallow Us Now. Then get them to put the planets in order. If you have time, muddle up the planets and get them to order them again as quickly as they can. Quickest lodge wins!


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