Ice Cream Factory

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Scouts create their own luxury ice cream flavours


Vanilla ice cream (1 tub per patrol)
£5 per patrol budget, and a local supermarket visit during the meeting (or alternatively a pre-bought selection of ice cream flavourings)
Mixing bowl, chopping board, knife and spoon per patrol
Serving bowls & spoons


Each patrol uses a vanilla ice cream base to create three new ice cream flavours, using a selection of supermarket ingredients - for example: flavoured sauces, sweets, biscuits, fruit, cake, dairy etc. Their task is to present these flavours to a panel of judges (played by leaders) who represent buyers from 3 top supermarket chains.

Each judge can buy up to 10 tubs of each flavour depending on taste, presentation, uniqueness etc. Patrol with most sales at the end is the winner.

As part of the meeting, scouts head to the local supermarket to buy the necessary ingredients within budget. Leader supervision necessary at the supermarket too! (if not practical, a selection of ingredients could be provided instead).



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