Bunny Easter Basket

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Make a Bunny Easter Basket from paper plates.


3 paper plates; pink paper; ribbon or yarn; 1 pink pom pom; 6 white pom poms or cotton wool balls; googly eyes or scraps of black paper; hole puncher; black marker pen or crayon; glue; scissors.


Use a paper plate to mark out the basket hole on one of the paper plates and cut out. Glue this to a complete paper plate so that the bottoms of the plates are facing out. Cut out ears from the remaining plate and glue on the pink paper to make the inner ears. This is then glued to the full plate so that the ears are facing out. The full plate bottom is then made to look like a bunny using the eyes, pom poms and crayon (see download). Punch a hole near each ear and thread with ribbon or yarn. Easter Bunny basket complete. www.fabartdiy.com


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