Singing warmup exercises

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Getting ready to sing




Warming up the body is essential to release tension in your body AND voice.
(To upbeat music if you wish like in lessons!)

o Gentle physical warm up;
o shake arms, shake legs, hands and feet
o Shoulders up, shoulders down.
o Big face Small face
o Stick your tongue in and out! Tongue push ups!
o Neck rolls...hold feel stretch 3 times clockwise and anticlockwise
o Star jumps
o Waist circles
o Windmills move arms around and vocalise vowels ee----ahhh. Ay-oh, oh
o Rag Doll. Bend forward completely, let the body hang, gently come up and breathe in.

Exercise, reach for the stars.
You will become better aligned.
1. Close your eyes and inhale deeply.
2. Allow head to fall forward.
3. Allow your chin to touch your chest.
4. A curve in your spine.
5. Shoulders rolled forward.
6. Let your arms fall forward.
7. Relax in this position, 5-10 seconds while taking in deep breaths.
8. Feel the gentle stretch in legs and back
9. Reverse procedure, hips waist, shoulder blades, shoulders, chin and head.
10.Raise arms above head and back down.
11.Optimize your vocal health and physical wellbeing.


Breathing for singing is a very relaxed process. As long as your body is in correct and fluid alignment, breathing will automatically be natural and deep. The most important thing to remember is to allow it to happen. Don’t force the breath, either in or out

o Months of the year, in one breath say slowly...

January, February, March April, May June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Creating sound!
o Humming. Any melody as long as you are going high and low. You cannot hurt yourself on a hum so hum away! Lips should be placed together, teeth slightly open. Really feel the buzz on your lips. Or if you prefer hum/lip trill to a scale.
o Humming with a chew! Move mouth up and down as if you are eating. The idea is to create as much space as possible in the mouth cavity,
o Siren, make the sound of a fire engine on an ‘NG’

Tongue twisters
Red Lorry yellow lorry
Unique new York
Mixed biscuits

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