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March is Umbrella Month so host an evening of umbrella-related activities


Paper cake cases, glue, pipe-cleaners, A4 card or paper, colouring pens/pencils, umbrellas, newspaper, small balls.


Make an umbrella picture. Fold a paper cake case in half for the umbrella top and use a piece of pipe-cleaner bent into shape for a handle. Stick three or four to a sheet of A4 card or paper. Decorate with coloured pencils. You can add raindrops and a rainbow to the picture. I pre-printed sheets of paper with the words "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain" at the bottom.

There are plenty of umbrella colouring pages on the internet which you can print off to occupy any Beavers who finish their cake-case picture quickly.

Choose from the following games:

Play 'Musical Puddles' - like Musical Chairs but with sheets of newspaper for puddles instead of chairs. If you don't have music, just blow a whistle instead.

Catch the raindrops: Split Beavers into two teams and give one person from each team an umbrella which they hold upside down. All the other Beavers gather "raindrops" and throw them into their team's umbrellas. Raindrops can be anything you have to hand - I used a bag of the plastic balls you use in ball pools but scrunched up newspaper balls would work just as well. When all the raindrops have been gathered, count how many are in each umbrella. The team with the most is the winner. Then start again with another Beaver holding the umbrella until everyone has had a turn.

Play a running game based on North South East West. Name each corner of the room - Drizzle, Shower, Downpour, Thunderstorm. Beavers have to run to the right corner when you shout out the name. If they run to the wrong corner, or are the last one there, they are out. When you shout "Dry Weather", everybody is back in and the game starts again.


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