White T-shirt Day

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Celebrate white T-Shirt day - February 11


Paper and pens
white T-shirt per girl
Fabric pens and paints
newspaper or scrap paper to go inside the T-shirt
plastic tablecloths to protect tables


National White Shirt Day also known as National White T-Shirt Day is always celebrated on February 11th.
This “unofficial” US National holiday honours the men and women who participated in the strike at General Motors in 1937 to fight for better working conditions.
1) Talk to the girls about what they want the future to be like and what world issues are important to them. Discuss what "slogans" and ask the girls if they have any favourite slogans that they've seen on T-shirts, bags, stickers etc.
2) Each girl should write down one slogan that gives her hope for the future or that she thinks in an important issue (they should check each others spelling)
3) Each girl has a white T-shirt and puts a sheet of newspaper or scrap paper inside so that the paint doesn't mark both sides of the shirt.
4) Using fabric pens or paint each girl should write her slogan on to her T-shirt
5) Once the T-shirts are dry, take a photo of all the girls wearing their slogan T-shirts


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