crazy junk golf

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create a crazy golf course using pieces of junk- milk bottles, juice cartons, different size cardboard boxes.


sponges- big yellow ones.
bamboo canes
pieces of junk
sellotape/ blue-tak
coloured paper
ping pong balls


Flags- 1. cut a piece of paper into a triangle. 2. write a number of the triangle. 3. using the sellotape attach the triangle to the straw at one end. 4. push the straw into a blob of blue tac.

Golf Clubs- 1. Using the scissors cut the sponges in half (creates two end pieces of the club). 2. snap the bamboo stick in two ( Create two club sticks).
3. attach the sponges to the bamboo at one end using the sellotape.

Golf course- 1. using the scissors cut the boxes and bottles into different obstacles- bridges, tunnels etc. 2. use the cups as the holes, place of their sides and blue tac to the floor.

use the ping pong balls as the golf ball as they are easier to push using the sponge clubs.


  • golf
  • Junk Modelling
  • recycle

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