Spotlight (outdoor)

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Night time outdoor game - best suited for woodland or other areas with sufficient cover


Football, Scouts


Designate an area to act as the 'jail', this can be between three or four trees or marked out with tape etc.. Place the football inside the area.

One Scout is on - they have a torch and have to spot the others and call out their name before they can reach the football. The torch may only be switched on for three seconds at a time and the Scout who is on may not move the football. If a Scout is caught they must wait in the jail - as soon as the football is kicked out of the jail area all caught Scouts are freed and the game continues.

The game ends when all Scouts are in jail or if the football is rescued when no Scouts are in jail. You can also impose a time limit on the round if required.

You may wish to impose some rules such as no running - this is a game of stealth not speed.


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