Make a Telephone Call

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Explanation of the key things needed to make a phone call




As an introduction to the communicator badge the Beavers need to know how to make a phone call, this is just a talk to take the Beavers through what they need

1. Phone number - Explain what a phone number is and how it's unique
2. The different types of making a phone call and what are the benefits and risks to each
* Internet - Skype, facetime etc (free to other internet users, needs a broadband or data connection, not very good for emergency calls if the power goes)
* Mobile Phone - (lets you ring people when they aren't at home or at a computer, needs mobile phone coverage)
* Landline - (people can only get hold of you when you're at home)

To make a call on a mobile
Dial the number
Press the green button to make a call. I'd give an example of the leaders ringing each other.
Wait to be answered
When finished press the red button

Give the example that on some landline phones you don't press a green button but if it doesn't ring look for the green button to press or "Call" button


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