The Zoo

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Based on The Zoo from The Beaver Leaders' Yearbook


Length of paper e.g wallpaper, Glue, pens, paints. Music for singing to . Beavers need a week's notice to bring wild animal pictures. Spare wild animal pictures for Beavers who forget their own . Pre-prepared animal pairs cards


1. Use the wild animal pictures to make a giant colony frieze (40 minutes) or each lodge makes its own.
2. Play animal pairs. Each Beaver is given one half of a pair of animal cards. They move around making that animal's noise until they find their mate. Mix up the cards and have a few more turns (15 minutes)
3. Singing animal action songs As long as you want


  • Action songs
  • animal Sound game
  • Animals
  • Matching Game
  • music
  • Zoo

Badge Links

  • Creative - Sing
  • Fitness - Cooperative
  • Outdoors - Five animals
  • Skills - Song