Creative Challenge: Photography/Website Design

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In patrols: Scouts will take properly composed photos of Beaver and Cubs. These photos will then be used in designs for group websites. They will then learn about internet safety and post on group social media feeds.


- Cameras (compact, GoPro, ect)
- Laptop(s)
- (website builder)
- (HTML coding example -try it yourself)


A - Photography
1. Split the Scouts into patrols. Send a few patrols to both the Beavers and Cubs sections.
2. They are to take multiple photos of the young people. They must consider: composition, focus and the subject.

B - Website Design
1. Each patrol to be given access to a 'webs' account.
2. They should be provided with thier images from part A.
3. They then must design, type and organise the home page.
4. Once they have had a start. Introduce extra features, like: slideshows, social feeds and embedding videos.
5. (optional) Visit the 'w3schools' link and enter the Try It Yourself section. Show briefly how HTML is written.

C - Social Media
1. Explain the usual rules. Nothing is private. Don't trust strangers. Never give out personal info.
2. Give each patrol the opportunity to post on the group social media feeds, with information about what they have done in the session.


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