Boiling water in a paper bag

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This is a pioneering challenge for scouts.


Quantity Description
3x Staves to make a simple wash basin holder
1x Metal basin to hold the fire
2x small brown paper bags to hold water in
2x (minimum) Lashing cords
Misc. Small firewood
Misc. Fire Starting gear
1x Bucket with water (fire prevention).


Special Thanks to Kelly Warriner for this activity. :)

Goal: To build a raised fire platform (pioneering skills) to light a fire (fire laying skills) to boil water in a brown paper bag.

Step 1. Have the scouts lash the three staves together about mid way to 2/3 towards the top. (The position will be determined by the size of the staves, the height of the scouts, and the diameter of the metal basin). The appropriate lashing to use is a shear lashing.

Step 2. Place the metal basin in the basin holder. You might want to lash the tops of the staves together to make sure the metal basin doesn't fall out.

Step 3. Light a fire. This can take a long time depending on the scouts fire making skills.

Step 4. Patience. Let the fire burn down a bit.

Step 5. Place brown paper bag filled 1/3 to 1/2 way with water on the coals.

Step 6. Wait for the water to boil.

Step 7. Put out the fires.

Step 8. Clean up.


  • construction
  • fire lighting
  • Outdoor activity
  • pioneering

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