Bird Food Cake / Feeder

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Mixing and making Bird Cake feeders
(Nut free for Peanut Allergy)


- Nutfree bird food
- Seeds
- Raisins
- Suet

Then one per person of:
- Plastic cups/yoghurt pot with hole already in
- String (about 60cm pieces)
- Twig/stick (about 10cm)
- Plastic bag


1) Mix bird food/ dry ingredients with suet until it holds together as a cake.
3) Thread the string through.
4) Tie a knot halfway down the string. Thread it through the hole in the cup ensuring that it doesn't pull back through.
5) Push the seed/lard mix firmly into the cup making sure the string is straight through the middle.
6) Tie the twig below the upturned cup as a perch.

The cups are likely to be very greasy so putting them into a bag to take home.
When at home, put the cup into the fridge for an hour or two to firm up.

Hang the bird cake in your garden for the birds to enjoy.


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