Rock Enrol!

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Rock Enrol! is a resource pack designed by the Cabinet Office to bring to life why young people should register to vote. It is aimed at young people aged 16 and over.
This an activity for both Explorer and Network - from programme online


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If planning to register online in the session, some kind of online device.
Provided worksheets.


This resource will support you to introduce the topics of registering and voting with your Scouts. The resource contains four sessions, each approximately 45 minutes long and containing 2-3 activities. The sessions provide opportunities for young people to:

- Discuss the question 'why vote?'
- Understand the significance of being registered to vote and how to register to vote
- Understand the importance of disagreement in a democracy and respect for different views
- Discuss what voting means to them personally
- Understand how the election process works
- Take part in discussions about controversial issues in society
- Discuss the concept of power and how it should be used
- Explore the topic of government spending
Additional Information: We recommend that you provide the opportunity to register to vote at the end of the first and last sessions. You can register to vote online at

This resource pack includes an adapted version for those with learning disabilities.


  • discrimination
  • discuss
  • respect
  • vote
  • voting

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