Suckers Orienteering

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Orienteering where teams are challenged to get to the checkpoints before any other team.


Ordnance Survey map (local area)
Orienteering Map


You need to obtain a detail map on an area. Your local orienteering group may be able to help. Otherwise a 1:10000 map would be OK,

Before the event you need to put some sweets in an envelope. It also helps if you label each envelope A,B,C etc..

The 'checkpoints' then need to be positioned in the area shown on your map. Pin envelopes to trees, park benches etc and label them with a little circle on the map. Also write a short description of the position of the envelope with the letter that you have written on it. E.g. C -- Behind Park Bench

Produce at least one copy of the map and descriptions for all teams.

Also for each team create a number a labels with the word 'Suckers' on it.

Divide the troop into teams and distribute the maps, descriptions and 'Suckers' labels.

The aim of the game is to beat the other teams to the checkpoints and eat the sweets from the envelope. There is no order that teams must complete the checkpoints so there is a degree of strategy if you want the sweets.

When a Team has eaten the sweets they replace the envelope with a Suckers label so that other teams know they have been beaten but did find the correct checkpoint.


  • compass
  • map reading

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