Making Ginger Beer - Week 1

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The first step to making ginger beer is preparing and feeding the "bug". This takes a week, with feeding required every day.


Large glass jars (e.g. Agee preserving jar) - one per bug
Active dried yeast - 2 tsp. per bug
Raw sugar - 2 tsp. per bug, plus additional 7 tsp. for feeding
Ground ginger - 2 tsp. per bug, plus additional 7 tsp. for feeding
Warm water


1. Fill the jar 3/4 full with warm water.
2. Add the yeast and initial sugar and ginger.
3. Cover loosely with a lid or tea-towel - do not screw tight, or it won't be able to breathe.
4. Sit in a warm place, such as the kitchen table, and remember to feed it every day for seven days with 1 tsp. raw sugar and 1 tsp. ground ginger.

Each bug base will make approximately 5-6L, so one bug per Patrol/Six works best. You can have a taste-off later on in the term to determine the best Ginger Beer! Someone from each Patrol/Six will need to take responsibility for the bug during the next week, feeding it each day.


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