Sitwell Killer Jenga

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Each Patrol takes a turn to build a structure and the rest try to knock it down indirectly


One or two full Jenga Games, suspended floors work best although there is an option for concrete floors


A two metre diameter rope exclusion circle with a patrol and a standard jenga stack. The patrol has 3 minutes to think and.... four minutes to build the tower as tall as possible in any configuration with the other patrols jumping up and down/blowing and willing the stack to fall over. Depending on the floor style expand or contract the circle. Other patrols are allowed to do anything bar throw objects (other than air molecules) to knock the structure down.

Thinking time is quiet but the building time is really noisy with one side trying for height and the other trying to make them waste blocks on stability.

At the end of the four minutes (and following several rebuilds) the stack is measured and the next patrol takes a go.

Variations can be a wider exclusion circle with the opposing patrol trying to knock the tower down whilst being built with direct action/sponge balls.

Brief Patrol Leaders and APLs with the instructions and let them organise their order of battle using the rest of the patrol. Before it starts get them to explain to a leader who has what role assigned and why.



Badge Links

  • Creative - Construction
  • Creative - Model
  • Creative - Problem solving
  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Team-building