ANZAC Poppy and wreath

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A simple poppy and wreath for ANZAC and remembrance day services


Square of thick cardboard, size dependent on desired size of wreath
A4 red card - one sheet per 9 poppies
Black card
A4 green card or paper - one or two sheets per participant
Black paint and paintbrush
Craft knife
Stapler and staples (optional)
15mm Circle punch or small coin
Large circle templates (eg dinner and lunch plate)


*Use the larger circle template to draw the outer circle of the wreath on the square of cardboard, then centre the smaller circle template on this circle and mark the inner circle of the wreath. Cut out with the craft knife and paint both sides black. Set aside.
*Print the poppy template (attached) onto the red card, with sufficient copies for your participants.
*Use the circle punch (or use the coin as a template to cut around) to create one black circle for each poppy.
*Trace around the hands of participants onto the green paper or card. Cut these out and staple or glue them to the wreath, with fingers extending beyond the edge of the card. These are the leaves, so cover the whole of one side of the wreath. Leave the other side of the wreath plain, to make it easier to carry while marching.
*Cut out two red ovals for each poppy. Overlap them by approx 1.5cm to make the poppy shape, and glue them where they overlap.
*Glue a black circle to the centre of each poppy.
*Position the poppies around the wreath and glue them in place.


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