Incident hike

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Incident hike with specific troop night activities


Emergency Aid Kit
Bucket and 5 long ropes
Car and tyre iron
Cabbage, wolf and goat masks
Alter fire, wood, matches


Emergency Aid Kit
- set up incident to deal with, kitchen accident etc

Bucket and 5 long ropes
- nuclear bucket transfer

Car and tyre iron
- change the wheel of one of the leader's cars

Cabbage, wolf and goat masks
- all three items must cross a river but only the boatman and one item can cross each time. The goat will each the cabbage, the wolf will eat the goat. How can you get all three across safely in as few goes as possible?

Alter fire, wood, matches
- Light a fire in 15 minutes

Points out of 25 given for each base

*Scouts will navigate between bases using maps and have 5 minutes walking time between each base


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