Cupcake Case Flowers

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Make flowers out of cupcake cases and pipe cleaners


Pipe cleaners, preferably green, but any colour will do.
Lots of paper cupcake cases, preferably yellow and orange, but other colours can easily be used.
Sponge and pencil (see instructions!)


Demonstrate this first, so the Beavers can understand, then let them get on with it (they will need help!)

1. Take a pipe cleaner, and bend 1/4 over to form a u-shape (a bit like the letter J, or an umbrella handle)
2. Take a single paper cupcake case, and make 2 holes in the base, about 1-2cm apart (if you put the case onto the sponge, then you can gently press a hole through using a sharp pencil)
3. Thread the pipe cleaner through the 2 holes, and slightly scrunch up the paper case
4. Repeat, with a different coloured paper case, until you have about 20 paper cases
5. Twist the shorter end of the pipe cleaner round the longer end to keep everything in place

The paper cases end up looking a bit like petals on a carnation if done well!


  • Make a flower

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