Navigator stage 1 part 1

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1. Play a game with the 4 points of the compass - find where north is from a compass then stick a sign that says north in the direction of north. Get Beavers to work out where east, south and west go. When they all stuck on the wall have a game where leader calls a compass point and they have to run to that sign.

2. Have a large map of Britain (basic one printed out as large as possible with some town/city names printed on including Bolton. Beavers to locate where Bolton is on the map. With the compass get the Beavers to work out which direction you would need to go from Bolton to get to each town/city. Have the same towns/cities on separate bits of paper and put the pieces under the direction you would have to travel.

3. Have 'yes' and 'no' stuck on opposite walls. Have some pictures of clothing and with each one ask if it is suitable clothing to wear on a hike/long walk. Also have pictures of equipment that might or might not be needed for a hike/long walk. Beavers to run to the sign they think is correct. After each one discuss what the answer is and why.


signs with each of the 4 compass points on them
Large map of Britain (very simple with your own town name on it and other well known towns and cities)
Pieces of card with each of the towns and cities on different ones
yes and no cards to be stuck to wall
pictures of different clothing and equipment you may or may not need on a hike (ie walking boots, sandels, ipad, map, sun hat etc)





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