throw a life line

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A base able that meet the criteria of the Gold Award Scheme > Personal Development Cornerstone > Physical >Be able to throw a life line to within one metre of a person eight metres away.


1. Throwing rope.
2. A peg (or suitable target).
3. A small rope to make a circle around the target. (1 meter).
4. Measuring tape for the hyper-accurate


Find a space suitable for throwing a life line. This could be indoors or out doors.
Set up a target. (A peg if outdoors / a chair if indoors).
Mark a 1-metre circle around the target.
Create throwing line 8-metres away.

1. Teach the PLs or APLs how to run the activity by:
(a) Teaching them how to throw a life line.
(b) having them teach each other activity.
(c) having them do the activity on themselvels

2. Let the PLs or APLs run the activity.

3. Monitor the PLs or APLs to see that everything is going well.


Throwing a lifeline is pretty straight forward and requires common sense. Many scouts lack common sense due to limited life experience. So here are few pointers to make it easier for them:
1. Make sure the line is not tangled.
2. The might want to coil the line correctly.
3. A weight helps give the line accuracy and distance.
4. Size matters bigger scouts will find this easier.


  • Gold Scout Award
  • personal development cornerstone
  • Throwing

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