Build A free standing flagpole

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Pioneering Activity: Build A free standing flagpole


6x 1.5 to 2 metre Scout Staves
7x 2m to 3m lashing ropes
4x light guy lines
1x 5 meters (approximately) light line (for halyard)
An appropriate way to connect the flag to the halyard


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The challenge.
Ask the patrols to each build a self-standing flagpole capable of raising and lowering their patrol flag. Have the necessary materials on hand, and present them with reference design if you want to.

NOTE: This challenge can be presented without the design! If no design is provided, and just the challenge is given as stated above, the Scouts will be confronted with having to figure out their own approach that will work! However, the design is ingenious and sooner or later worthy of being shared.


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