Safe Food /Safe Water

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Campcraft Module for NZ Venturers


Iodine solution or tablets.
Powdered fruit drink.
MSC: Bushcraft Manual 2011 ed.
MSC: Outdoor First Aid Manual 2012 ed.


Run the session as a group discussion. Get the group to to write up their findings on a White Board or flip chart.


Discuss with the Venturer Leader / Unit Executive where Campylobacter, Gastroenteritis, Giardia, Rotavirus, Salmonella come from and how each affects our bodies.
Know the basics of food hygiene:
• Clean.
• Cook.
• Cover.
• Chill.
Avoiding food-borne illness on an expedition is even more important than at home. How would you cope on an expedition?

Use the attached files.

Investigate how to store food.
• Find the storage life of foods you commonly use for camps and expeditions.
• What is their storage life without refrigeration?
Best before / use by dates are not the whole story. Many factors affect the storage life of our foods.

MSC: Bushcraft Manual 2011 ed. pp- 77 to 86.

Discuss suitable ways of extending the storage life of your food rations.
• Camp refrigerator.
• Packaging / vacuum sealing / dehydrating / freezing.
• Packing in your pack.
Keeping the food cool away from sunlight all helps.

MSC: Bushcraft Manual 2011 ed. pp- 77 to 86.

• Discuss how much water the average person uses in a typical day on an adventurous activity.
• Know the symptoms of dehydration and simple methods of rehydration.
Our bodies need a supply of water to maintain normal mental and physical efficiency.
Discuss the hazards of using water from natural watercourses.
• What is giardia and cryptosporidium?
• How is it spread?
• How do I avoid spreading or catching giardia?
• Symptoms and treatment.
Clear lakes, mountain tarns and free running waterways are no guarantee of no contamination.

MSC: Bushcraft Manual 2011 ed. pp 178, 179, 209 & 214.
MSC: Outdoor First Aid Manual 2012 ed. pp 204 to 206.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the following sources / methods of treating water for drinking.
• Bottled water.
• Boiling.
• Chemical Treatments.
a. Commercial treatment tablets.
b. Iodine.
c. Chlorine.
• Filtration.
• Use iodine solution to treat a litre of water. Taste the result before and after some powdered fruit drink is added.
• OR Use a portable water filter designed for the outdoors to collect a litre of water. Work out procedures to avoid the recontamination of the water.
The methods you use will be based on personal preference and experience.
Practice of your chosen method before your expedition is important to achieve a satisfactory result.

Mountain Safety Council:
Bushcraft Manual.

• Discuss with the Leader or Unit Executive how you can protect our waterways and water sources.
Personal toileting and washing practices can damage our environment.

MSC: Bushcraft Manual 2011 ed. pp 178.


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