The Trip - Map Symbol Wide game

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Instructions: - Before the meeting position the Map symbols display cards (see download) around the play area.
- The Train Station Symbol is the start and finish and should be position as such.
- If you are playing this indoors and outdoors then put some of the middle section symbols in the meeting place so that you can keep track of the scouts as they come back in to find them.
- The distribution does not have to be in any order, in fact the more mixed up they are the better. The Scouts are given the story sheet with the spaces for the words.
- They then have to find the symbol for the words which leads them to the next.
- So they all start at the Train Station which is the card with the Train Station symbol which also has the words "Go Along Main Road".
- The scouts now have to find the card with the "main Road" Symbol, once found that will have the words "Go pass the Telephone", so they then have to find the Telephone symbol which has some more words on and so on.
- The last card has the words "Back to the Train Station" so all scouts should finish where they started.
Equipment: The resources are attached for download. The only additional equipment may be a torch if played outdoors in the dark.
Additional Information: This can be run as individuals, as small teams or as a patrol competition. The time can be adjusted by the distance over which you spread the cards. It can be played at anytime, it can be played indoors and outdoors, on a field or campsite. All you need is the downloads and you are set.
Programme zone(s) : Outdoor and Adventure
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