Signal Fires

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Create signal fires to be seen from a distance - first to create the most smoke from a starting point wins!




Each patrol should prepare a signal fire tripod, then from the sound of a distant helicopter (or whistle), the first to create large amounts of smoke wins!

1. Make the fire in a clearing so it doesn't set surrounding trees on fire.
2. Cut 3 branches to make a tri-pod frame, about the size of your own height with your arm up high.
3. Tie them together at the top with wire or green creeper branches, etc.
4. Cut 3 shorter sticks to tie horizontally across these, as a platform, about 1/3 up. (See download)
5. Lay sticks across these to form a platform for your fire.
6. Build a fire on the platform, starting with very fine material like dry grass, birch bark, etc.
7. This fire has to start burning quickly, as soon as you hear SAR, and give off smoke before they are gone.
8. Put dry twigs on top of that, followed by dry branches.
9. Have some dry grass, etc. hanging below the platform for you to light easily when you hear SAR.
10. When your fire is built, start hanging green leafy branches from the top of the tripod.
11. Put lots on top, so the flames will hit the green boughs and smoke like crazy when needed!


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